Thanks! It's really not as scary as it seems.. ;)

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Thanks! It’s really not as scary as it seems..

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Viking Ship Tattoo – Phase 1
Thank you, Skully is awesome

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I’m really not sure at this point.. I got mine at a thrift store, haven’t seen one since, but I’ll keep an eye out…

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I really SHOULD try that stuff already…

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8-10 hours, but I haven’t run it that long. I think the longest I’ve had it on so far is almost 4 hours.

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It is funny how that works… I just know that at this point, I’m NEVER going to ‘grow up’ completely! LOL Thanks for stopping by, sweet

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Isn’t it awesome sleeveless?? So loving it! I’m putting bright green pyramid studs on it right now- an accent, not meant to be the main focus of the piece, of course…